Since its founding in 1956, one of SENER’s key drivers has been innovation across all its business units including aerospace, infrastructure, energy and marine. SENER is recognized for providing innovative, multidisciplinary engineering solutions and spearheading the incorporation of state-of-the art technology and methodologies.

Cross fertilization among our different business units has been traditionally an important source of successful innovation, including:

  • Aviation aerodynamics knowledge applied successfully to High Speed Railways

  • Space high accuracy mechanisms applied to Heliostats Precision Mechanisms for solar central tower plants

  • Aviation engines developed for Eurofighter planes were the base to create the company ITP together with Rolls Royce

  • Numerical models developed for aerospace activity eventually led to SENER’s proprietary software for the design and construction of ships, FORAN

SENER is present in various international R&D programs and partnerships, and develops in-house innovative projects, usually in collaboration with other partners, start-ups, research centers and educational institutions.

In the railway industry, SENER’s proprietary technologies range from new construction techniques for the tunnels and metro stations in the 1980s, to the state-of-the-art dynamic lateral wind detection system for the High Speed Rail System in Europe.

Examples of other innovation projects developed by SENER include:


  • Digital Twin IOT: A realistic digital representation of assets integrating monitoring and management data platforms and BIM models in order to control equipment performance by deploying an interacting web dashboard.

  • Aerotraviesa: A special designed sleeper developed to reduce the flying ballast phenomenon on High Speed Railway Lines (patented).

  • Crosswind Protection System for High Speed Rail Lines predicts gusts of crosswind 10 minutes in advance and generates the adequate alerts and speed limitations.

  • Specific aerodynamic studies of pressure transients generated by high speed trains inside tunnels, used to properly dimension the tunnel sections and its facilities.

  • BLOCKSAT: Innovative system for the signaling and management of railroad traffic patented by SENER that allows safe traffic circulation without the need to install additional elements on the track. It is based on GPS positioning and inertial navigation with wireless communications, especially designed for low-density traffic routes in which train detection systems are not in place.