California High Speed Rail, Verification & Validation, California

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is responsible for the planning, design, construction and operation of the first high-speed rail system in the nation. It will connect the mega-regions of the State, contribute to economic development and a cleaner environment, create jobs and preserve agricultural and protected lands. 

The 60-mile route located within the counties of Fresno, Tulare, and Kings and the cities of Hanford, Corcoran and Allensworth is known as Construction Package 2-3 (CP2-3). SENER was selected to conduct Verification, Validation and Self Certification for the Design and Build contract of CP2-3 in order to provide a system that could be integrated in the future with the Track & Systems package. SENER’s Validation & Verification work follows the traditional ‘‘V’’ systems engineering model, beginning with defining the project’s technical requirements before design choices are made and the project is implemented. The process continues with the verification of these requirements during the design phase and finalizes validating the actual civil works built on site.

This includes: 

  • Requirements management 

  • Change management 

  • Interfaces management 

  • QA/QC Management Services