Link Union Station Masterplan, California

Union Station is the primary transit hub, connecting several Southern California counties whose combined population totals more than 17 million. Over 75,000 travelers and commuters access the station’s transit providers, which include Metro bus and rail lines, Metrolink commuter rail, Amtrak long-distance rail, and numerous municipal carriers and specialty shuttles with connections to downtown Los Angeles.  The number of travelers is expected to increase to 200,000 by 2040

The Union Station Master Plan outlined Metro’s vision and plan to guide future development at the station, including transit operations, enhanced pedestrian access and new private and/or public real estate development. 

SENER carried out the design criteria review and analysis regarding High Speed Rail issues considering, among other items, the following: 

  • Track configuration

  • Concourse layout

  • Operation analysis

  • Parking facilities

  • Platform design

  • Traction systems

  • Signaling & communication

  • Accessibility

  • Safety

  • Fare collection

  • Analysis of Alternatives

SENER also carried out the analysis of the design parameters established by the California High Speed Railway Authority to integrate the new high-speed tracks into the Union Station.