California High Speed Rail – Construction Package 4 Section: Detail Design, California

The CP 4 construction area of the California High Speed Rail is a 22-mile stretch bounded by a point approximately one mile north of the Tulare/Kern County Line at the terminus of Construction Package 2-3 and Poplar Avenue to the south. CP 4 will include construction of at-grade, retained fill and aerial sections of the high-speed rail alignment and the relocation of four miles of existing Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) tracks. 

SENER developed the detail design of a 4-mile subsection from the Wasco to Shafter alignment.  Major work elements for this alignment include:

  • Civil works for the at-grade and elevated sections

  • Two grade separations at Kimberlina Road and Merced Avenue

  • Realignments of local roads

  • Realignments of BNSF tracks

The successful design work overcame a number of challenges, including meeting a tight timeline and close coordination with other designers, third parties and construction teams to ensure standard consistency and cost efficiency in the design.