SENER has worked on some of the most renowned and iconic transportation projects around the world and is recognized for successfully taking on technologically complex jobs.

SENER is a pioneer in the conception and design of high-speed rail lines in Europe and brings that expertise and experience to its North American projects. We understand that mobility is a key element in the progress of any smart and environmentally friendly city and in its residents’ quality of life. To meet those objectives, SENER assembles a team of experts in urban planning, transport infrastructure and engineering, and systems communications.


The firm has delivered rail and transit projects throughout North America. In California, the firm is a major contributor to the California High-Speed Rail, leading the design services for the Palmdale-to-Burbank segment and working on construction of the rail line throughout the Central Valley. We are also part of the team that delivered the Union Station Master Plan in Los Angeles and are currently working on the Cross-Bay Transit Project in the Bay Area. In Mexico, SENER is leading the development on the Mexico City-Toluca interurban rail and Guadalajara’s Metro system.

SENER is internationally recognized for its expertise in rail and transit and has co-authored several handbooks, including the “Passenger Railway Systems Upgrading Handbook,” “New High-Speed Railway System Implementation Handbook,” and the “Study for Infrastructure Scenarios for Better Passenger Services.”